Saturday, November 26, 2011

How to turn Grated Coconut and Glutinous Flour into ~ Kuih Dangai and Kuih Getas

kuih Dangai

kuih Getas
has crispy and sugary crust with the soft and pillowy centre.

mix equal portion of grated coconut and glutinous flour
with a pinch of salt

adding a teaspoon of pandan paste , just to give it colour
and flavor
spread generously into the mould and cook over a slow fire
for 5 - 10 mins, halfway through cooking sprinkle some
coarse sugar , for sweetness to your own liking

cook over a slow fire

this is how the second mixture look like
for making kuih 'Getas'
this needs  a little more water added 
to form a pliable dough 

shape the dough into small oval (or use the cookie cutter)
and fry for 5 mins in hot oil
until slightly golden/cooked
let it cool
either sugar-glaze by
rolling the kuih getas in the sugar syrup until well coated
the sugar will crystallised  when cooled
or sprinkle fine sugar

to make the sugar syrup/glaze:
heat the sugar and 3tbs of water. Stir until sugar is dissolved and continue to cook until a thick syrup is formed.