Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mocha Truffle ~ Home-made Chocolate from dapur CikJah

Lets make some smooth and sweet brown bits
pleasing to everyone's liking > chocolate
lovely sweet ~ gift pack
 Firstly ...prepare all the ingredients

whoa la ... la...
mocha truffles 4u

List of items for the above recipe:

375gm dark chocolate
125gm whipping cream
 13gm glucose syrup
  7gm nescafe (for the coffee flavor)

(*  50gm melted cocoa butter /about enough to keep the melted dark chocolate from hardening fast)

i)   Melt the dark chocolate ..stirring
     constantly , either in a double boiler/
         over a pan of hot water

ii)  Heat the cream then mix in the nescafe & syrup
     mix well..keep at room temperature

iii) Combine and thoroughly mix  both mixture
     (i) & (ii)

iv)  Leave to chill

And as when need/ready for serving, shape into tiny
balls and coat/roll over with praline/nuts/cocoa powder.
Serve either wrapped in foil or paper cups.....
Trufles are best served at room temperature  and
while traditional coating is cocoa powder, truffles
can also be coated with icing sugar, toasted
and chopped nuts, tempered chocolate, shredded
coconut , shaved chocolate..
to your own creativity and liking.

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