Monday, January 31, 2011

Kabsah Rice ~ Nasi Arab

To cook this Arab rice dish  :-
Ingredients :
3tbs butter/ghee  + 2 tbs cooking oil
1  cup diced yellow onions
1  cup diced tomatoes
1 tbs  grated ginger
1 cup grated carrot
½ chicken (about 1.5kg)/ (cut into 2 pcs)
¼ cup tomato puree/tomato paste
3 or 4 cloves (bunga cengkih)
½ inc cinnamon stick (kayu manis)
4  or 5 green cardamons pods (buah pelaga)
4 or 5 black peppercorns
1 tbs mixed spices and a pinch of salt to taste
2 cups of basmati rice (washed once & drained)
3 cups of hot water
1 cube chicken stock

1.  Saute (tumis)  1 cup diced onions (yellow onions)  with 3tbs
     butter/ghee +  2tbs oil , the add in 1 cup diced fresh red tomatoes, 
     grated ginger, carrots  stir about 5 mins  then

2.  Add the chicken pieces and tomato puree , stir until chicken pieces
     well coated with all ingredients

3. Throw in  cloves , cinnamon , cardamons , peppercorns  and
    the mixed spices  with pinch of salt to taste

4.  Mix well and cook for about 15 mins then dish out the chicken pieces
     * (put aside first to be added in later)

5. Add the rice, hot water and chicken stock

6. Cover the pot and cook over slow fire. Half-way thru cooking ,
    put in the chicken pieces on top of the rice and leave to cook for about
    another 15 to 20 mins.

7.  Dish out to serve with  cucumber salad and diced tomato + green chili

* Optional/add in these items if available

   raisins/sliced toasted almond (ditambah sbgai hiasaan hidangan)

   Kabsa Spice Mix (campuran rempah Arab/ rempah nasi beriani)

   ¼  teaspoon white pepper
   ½ teaspoon ground dried limes                     
   ½  teaspoon saffron   
    1 pc bayleaf 

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