Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pizza Twist/Roll ...Pizza In A Cup

roll out the dough and spread the pizza toppings
then roll firmly and cut the rolls about 35/40 gm a piece,
place them in lined muffin cups 
leave to proof for another 20 mins
bake at 190degrees C for about 20mins
(depend on your oven settings)

ready to serve

note :  with reference to this website  http://www.cookingbread.com/classic.html   and with tips from my sis , I did scaled down the bread recipes to suit my baking pans & my tiny oven.

for the dough :  a portion of pizza dough or sweet bun dough (use less sugar)


as for the toppings I just make use of whatever available in my kitchen :
... some cheddar and mozarella cheese , (grated)
... tomato paste and bottled tomato sauce ( 1 to 1 combination)
... finely sliced chicken frankfurter 
... diced capsicum  and red fresh tomatoes
... diced yellow onions
.... some dried oregano &  basil
    * you may use any toppings that you like

how to do the roll :

.. roll and flatten out the dough about 1cm thickness
.. spread the pizza sauce and  the toppings evenly 
.. sprinkle the herbs (oregano/basil)
..roll in from one edge of the flatten dough 
.. cut the roll equal sizes , about 35 gm each
...place in the lined muffin cups 
...top up with the cheese and sprinkle more herbs on top

then leave to proof for another 20min ..covered with tea towel

Bake for 15/20 mins  at 190 degrees centigrade

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