Friday, February 18, 2011

Brioche - a bread recipe with lots of butter and egg

tried baking brioche for my little girl Ema,  who came to stay overnight

the bread dough - ready for first proofing 

using 1/4  portion from the original recipe : make 12 buns

170 gm flour
110 gm butter (at room temp) 
    2 large eggs
    3 gm salt
    4 gm dry yeast
  18 sugar
  18 ml lukewarm water

*  some flour for dusting
    leave aside a little egg yolk and
    add 1 tbs  milk - for glacing before baking

Using a mixer, place the flour in the bowl and beat in eggs one at a time 
add in salt and sugar and beat at low speed until all mixed well

Add in yeast and water, mix well

Then add in butter gradually , a little at a time until form a soft dough and continue mixing for another half hour and you get a smooth dough.

Leave dough aside covered with tea towel, for  1 1/2 hours.

When dough had doubled, deflate (knock the air) gently and place it the chiller overnight, cover bowl with tea towel.

after 2nd proffing
roll into balls and place in muffin cups,
eggwash and sprinkle some caster sugar 
leave for another hour then bake at 200 degrees C
for 15 mins/20 mins
* sprinkle a bit caster sugar for more sweetness

best eaten with strawberry jam
anytime of the day

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