Tuesday, May 10, 2011

kuih Apam Pisang .....Steamed Banana Cake

Recipe from  Cek MatGebu  TiffinBiru  ~

 ** cikJah modified using whatever ingredients available in my kitchen :-

1)   mash :  2 cavendish banana + 1/2 tsp sodium bicarb and a pinch of salt
                  a  few drops of banana essence (optional)

2)   shift 1 cup flour + 1/2 tsp baking powder

3)   whisk :  1 large egg  + 1/2 cup  of  cooking oil (Naturel)
      and 1/2 cup brown sugar  until well-mixed and fluffy

4)  Add  the mashed banana into the egg mixture and then fold in the flour

5) Either steamed in a 7in  baking pan / in small muffin cups for 15/18 mins

Served with grated coconut
note :  (mix the grated coconut with  pinch of salt -to taste)

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